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The development of enterprises, from the design of scientific and advanced, strict production management and good product quality. But another secret service outstanding success of the enterprises.

In order to return your trust, enhance your products of our beliefs, we demonstrate our sincerity, we solemnly promise to you:

One, service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thorough, thoughtful;

Two, the service goal: quality of service to win customer satisfaction;

Three, service project:

I, pre-sale service:

1, for the user to provide turbine technology consulting services;

2, to provide users with product samples, the quality assurance system certification, enterprise profile data.

Second, the sale of services

(a), test

Products in the factory, the company the following inspection and provide relevant product inspection standard and specification to the relevant technical personnel to the user.

1, the product was detected in the performance test of the test center;

2, to provide users with the measurement data of report of product.

(two), training

In order to better operation, maintenance, equipment management, our company will have the technical staff of five years or above experience in repair work training, guidance. Our company can provide the factory training and on-site training two way, for the user to choose.

(three), installation guide

1, our delegation has over five years of experience in the installation of engineering and technical personnel to the scene to guide the installation;

2, our delegation has more than five years experience, technical personnel to the scene and user related engineering personnel with equipment debugging and commissioning work and submit test data;

3, user acceptance, we will run on a regular basis of products services (including maintenance, maintenance).

Third, after sale service

1, the product warranty period is one year or 1000 hours of use. Product warranty period the implementation of three bags, and implements the lifelong service system. In the guarantee period, responsible for any shortcomings or failures occur due to defects in design, workmanship or material, costs from our burden.

2, I Division in Xinjiang, Urumqi, Korla, Kashi, Yili, Hami, Akesu set up after sale service center, and equipped with enough spare parts, after receiving user service information, within 2 hours of feedback information. The city rushed to the scene within 6 hours, the repair scheme of 1 hours, 2 hours to ensure reboot. 150 kilometers to 24 hours.

3, in the warranty period, two times a year on site to guide the user product maintenance, maintenance, in the warranty period ended fifteen days ago, sent to the user for product maintenance, maintenance.

4, the user equipment in the process of using the damage, we provide free technical services, and actively help repair.

5, based on the user responsible spirit, use our annual follow-up inspection equipment, the implementation of computer network management, the user would like to think, urgent user needs, users may encounter to solve all the difficulties rapidly and efficiently.

6, our annual visits to understand the use of the product to the user, may encounter various situations to help solve the use process, at the same time for quality improvements, in order to better customer service.

In short, our company will always follow the "reliable quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery, and thoughtful service" principle, to high technology, high quality products and quality service is provided to the user is objective and consistent pursuit of stars.

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