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Syarlight low-noise geneating set
2011-1-20 15:21:55

GFD series low noise power station into box, vehicular, noise level can reach 80 decibels (dba), of the following suit in densely populated areas or places where have strict requirements for environment noise, good mobility, strong adaptability, such power plant quickly. In the film and television production, municipal engineering construction and other industries widely used.

The character of low noise type diesel generator set: Low noise series diesel generator is my company introduction absorbs low noise generator sets of advanced foreign technology and developed new products, the products comply with GB/T2820-1997 or GB12786-91 national standards

1) vibration isolation design of diesel engine and generator between the public base and shock absorbing device, high performance is used to reduce the noise source.

2) sound insulation cover made by high sound-absorbing materials, sound-absorbing insulation ability strong.

3) adopt efficient sound-absorbing material made of labyrinth muffler device, into the wind can not only ensure enough into the fresh air, and can limit the intake noise.

4) adopt efficient sound-absorbing material made of labyrinth exhaust muffler device, can guarantee to ensure that the exhaust flow, and can limit the exhaust noise. 5) the set of pit type plus sound-absorbing composite muffler, greatly reduces the emission of noise, at the same time ensure its plenty of sports performance

6) the machine is small in size, light weight, compact structure. Aesthetically pleasing sound insulation cover, tear open outfit simple, convenient operation of the unit.

7) sound insulation cover door of special structure and sound insulation window of double organic glass, adopt advanced sealing way, make noise cannot leak from the Windows and doors. 8) AD hoc quick open cover plate, maintenance is convenient. Unit 9) noise (from 1 m); 80 db and 75 db or less (sound pressure level);



        Star light workers are do low noise diesel generating sets of sound insulation cover

         Note: the sound insulation cover, with four or five layers of sound-absorbing materials of sound insulation cover, sound-absorbing insulation, effect is obvious.



Low noise generator - box low noise generator



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