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Starlight-Intelligent Control generator series
2013-5-15 17:22:03

Since the launch of star/emergency/since/from designer/three remote switch system series

Manual control panel

1, the start/stop function

2, the output ac voltage and current selection switch

3, voltmeter, ammeter, frequency table, water temperature, oil pressure gauge, battery voltmeter

Optional features

1, alarm functions: speed, high temperature, low oil pressure alarm, etc

2, protection function: low oil pressure, high water temperature, emergency stop and alarm when speeding

Since the launch of power control panel

1, had all the functions and configuration of the manual control panel

2, automatic/stop/manual function

3, startup delay 3 ~ 5 seconds (optional)

4, stop time delay (optional 0-270 seconds)

5, the remote monitor interface

6, mains charger

7, alarm functions: low oil pressure, high water temperature, speed, output voltage failure, start-up failure protection, emergency stop and other preset

Fully automatic remote monitoring control panel

1, Chinese LCD display, first unit operation status and various parameters, recording unit failure

2, RS232/485 interface, remote control, telemetry, remote communication function

3, units to protect the launch failure, overspeed, low speed, high temperature, low oil pressure, sensor fault automatic stop and alarm, etc







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