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Starlight-container generating sets
2013-5-16 10:47:49

The container-type diesdl geberation set is available two types,i.e.:the standard type and the mute type.

1.Design and manufacture as per the international standard container,i.e.: 20 feet for 1000KVA or less and 40 feet for 1250KVA or above;

2。Available the CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers)certificate,the whole machine set san be shipped via ocean as the standard container,and thence it can save hugely the transport cost;

3.Two explosion-proof lights(an extra one for the control panel) are designed inside the container,easy to operate and maintain;

4.Available to access in the front and at the back the container,with two sides doors at both sides,easy to maintain and repair;with the ladder outside;

5.All hinges,locks and bolts are made of stainless steel;with the wave and rain-proof apparatus designed inside;

6.Design the control panel and the output switchgear at the same side of container,easy for user to make routine operation and connect the output cables;

7。With the permanent excitation PMG system adopted,which improves the start capacity of motor and resists against the wave-based deformation;

8.Apply unique design for fuel tank,pipe,machine oil discharging system and sound damper,and thence it is very popular among users;

9.The mute housing is made by adopting the high performance and anti-ageing inflam-mable sound insulation and damping materials,with unique and elaborate design for air intake,outlet and noise reductuion device!

Optional parts:Auto fuel feed pump(or control valve),cooling liquid feed pump,dual oil-water separator,auto parallel system and etc.

Tel:0991-3856119 Fax:0991-3814032 Add:zhongguo xinjiang wulumuqi
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