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High voltage generator
2013-6-1 19:03:51

Star group, high-voltage generator set product overview

High voltage generator is high quality famous brand diesel engine as power at home and abroad, according to the national standard "GB2820 wood power frequency

Oil generator set general technical conditions "regulation, and with reference to the IEC34 -i" international electrotechnical commission standard rotating motor,

Equipped with high quality generator produces high voltage series generator set at home and abroad (6300 v, 10500 v). Product features of high pressure generator

High-voltage generator set is divided into diesel oil, heavy oil, has high regulating voltage accuracy, good dynamic performance, less voltage waveform abnormal

Smaller, high efficiency, compact structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, long service life and good economic performance。

Star group requirements and conditions of the high voltage generator in parallel operation

Generator in parallel operation of the whole process is called, will be a generator to run first, the voltage sent to the bus, on the other station starts, with one hundred billion sets of generator set, in the closing moments, and there should not be a harmful impact on current generator set, shaft from the sudden shock. Turn after closing, since it should be able to quickly be pulled into the synchronous, thus generating set and must meet the following conditions:

1. The generator set the effective value of voltage and waveform must be the same.

(2) the generator voltage is in the same phase.

3. The two phase. The frequency of the generator set must be

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